Pizza Flavours: What Are The Different Kind Of Pizza Flavours?

The best thing about Pizza is that it can have different types of toppings. This means you can create any flavor you want to satisfy your cravings. Pizza is originally an Italian food in some other form. But, it has now become one of the most widely preferred dishes to exist across the globe. At the global level, an estimation of the pizza market comes at approx. $128 billion. This is quite good for a meal having only three main ingredients.

Pizza is one such food where there is no particularity and there is ample scope for experimenting. You can try several toppings and styles to see which one works best for you. It is true that mostly, people love their pizzas with cheese overload, prepared from the dough, cheese, and sauce. However, it is a good idea to throw a tad amount of pepperoni for added topping.

Things that affect the flavor of pizza

If you’re a pizza lover, you must be wondering about the different kinds of pizza. The primary thing to cross your mind is usually what affects the flavor of your pizza. As you know a pizza is mainly made from a few main ingredients like cheese, bread, pizza sauce, and toppings. As mentioned already, pizza is all about experimenting and you can try different ingredients as toppings. You can also change the crust to thinner or thicker to see how it affects the taste of your pizza.

The main factor that affects the taste of your pizza is the topping that you use. Vegetarian people mostly use veggies and cheese as toppings. Non-vegetarian people can have several options to use as toppings like pork, beef, chicken, mutton, etc. The usage of cheese also affects the flavor of pizza.

The amount or quality of cheese that you use on your pizza can give a boost to the flavor or take it down. There are many types of cheese like mozzarella, ricotta, and many others. You must use the type of cheese that you use on your pizza very carefully. Cheese is one of the primary factors which can change the flavor of your pizza.

What are the different kinds of pizza flavors? 

 There are different kinds of pizza flavors and if you’re a pizza lover, you must read this post till the end. It will take you through various flavors of pizza which you can try.

  1. Chicago Style Pizza

For those who love pan pizzas, Chicago pizzas are a must-try. These pizzas are very different from the conventional Indian-style pizzas and have a smaller size too.

The origin of these pizzas was in Chicago in the 1900s. Since the time of creation, it has been a famous dish in America. You can recognize it instantly as a deep-dish pizza. If you think about its shape and size, it looks similar to a pie. You’ll find it to look lesser like a pizza.

But, it has the main elements of a pizza including pizza sauce and cheese. The most interesting fact about these pizzas is that the cheese is first placed on the dough. Then, there is pizza sauce and toppings.

  1. Sicilian Pizza

You may have an assumption that the Sicilian pizza has similarities with the Neapolitan pizza as both of them are from Italy. But, they have some notable differences too. Sicily is an Island located off the coast of main Italy. The pizza created by them was mostly served in the bakeries.

Unlike traditional pizzas, these pizzas have a rectangular shape. It is a thicker pizza and has a thicker crust than other pizzas. But, it is crispier as well. As far as taste is considered, you can try it for a yummy snack.

  1. California Style Pizza

California Style pizzas are also known as Gourmet. They are very famous in the US and have a unique mixture of ingredients. It has been made in the California style, topped with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Some of the most commonly used toppings can be fresh tomatoes, lettuce, red peppers, capers, and gourmet cheese like goat cheese. There are other types too like other hot peppers and jalapenos. This pizza style emerged at a popular eatery in California. It is mostly preferred by vegetarian pizza eaters.

  1. BBQ chicken

This is one such flavor that is loved by pizza eaters. It is very famous in the US. First introduced in the California Pizza Kitchen, this type of pizza has slices of BBQ chicken spread all over the pizza, with drops of barbecue sauce on cheese. You may also find it dipped in Ranch dressing in some areas.

  1. Double cheese pizza

This is another famous pizza flavor throughout the globe. It is mostly preferred by vegetarians because that has a very thick cheesy layer. It is also loved by cheese lovers. The extra cheesy layer is what makes it more attractive, lip-smacking, and delicious. It can perfectly fit with the pizza definition since they were originally meant to be super cheesy.

  1. Plain ol’ cheese

This pizza is very easy to make and it consists of tomato sauce, dough, and mozzarella. You can also use parmesan or provolone. It is true and tried a renovated version of Italian pizza as we enjoy this pizza. It is chewy, hot, and a bit flowy and you can find it at any localized pizza joint. It becomes tastier with extra cheese.

  1. Neapolitan and Margherita Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is a traditional Italian pizza that is loved by all. It is the authentic and one such pizza that has led to the emergence of traditional New York pizza. Based in the town of Naples, it has been made of Mozzarella Cheese and Marzano tomatoes on the dough of wheat flour.

It has a very high content of pizza. The mozzarella cheese has to be of good quality and has been made out of water buffalo living in the Lazio and Campania, Italy.

The Margherita is another famous kind of pizza known all across Italy which makes use of mozzarella fior di latte, Marzano tomatoes, with a topping of fresh basil leaves. It also has a bit of salt and droplets of olive oil. If you want to taste the most original style of pizza, try this out.

  1. Pepperoni Pizza

This pizza tastes good from both gourmet meals as well as local pizza joints and is very easy to prepare at home. Pepperoni Pizza is particularly popular in West Mexico, Canada, and America. It is an American edition of salami, made of treated pork and beef. You will not find it in Italy easily but that doesn’t mean it is not good enough. This meant can be sliced into round pieces and positioned on pizza as a kind of topping.

  1. Peppy Paneer Pizza

Peppy Paneer is a famous variation of pizza in terms of South Asian cuisine. Paneer is referred to as a cube of cheese made up of pure milk. Peppy paneer pizza is a combination of spicy red peppers, vegetables, and onion. It has spicy sauces and flavors. You can eat it on your own just like pizza is as starter or a side dish.

  1. Hawaiian Pizza

Pineapple pizza is more like BBQ chicken, one of the most popular choices in the pizza market. Some people enjoy the tropical, juicy sweetness that is added by the pineapple chunks. The Alps contribute to the savouriness of cheese and sauce. Others don’t prefer the combination of flavors and cuisines.

An original Hawaiian pizza also comprises back bacon, more popularly outer of Hawaii, ham. You must know about the abnormal flavor combination. You can find Hawaiian pizza at any pizza restaurant or shop. It has some very well-known fans. It is also known as one of the lesser-known flavors in the pizza world.

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Are there more pizza flavors?

Many other pizza flavors are readily available. You can also customize your pizza flavor by changing the amount of cheese and other ingredients. Other pizza flavors include fresh pan pizza and others. You can also change the flavor of your pizza by altering the crust like making it thin or thick. The flavor of pizza that you choose usually depends on the taste and preference that you have in terms of pizza. You can always try out different options to change the flavor of your pizza.

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These are some of the most well-known pizza flavors you can find all across the globe. All of them are very popular and you can find them at famous restaurants as well as local eateries. You might find any particular flavor to be suitable to your taste buds as per your choice. You must try all these pizza flavors at least once if you are a pizza lover. There are many more pizza styles and designs you can try but these are popular throughout the world.

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