Ooni Pro VS Roccbox: Which one is the best Countertop Pizza Oven Battle

Some people and places are close to our hearts as well as some dishes. When we are talking about our favorite food, how can we forget about pizza? This item is popular all around the world. No matter where you go, you will find a restaurant that serves pizza. This item is not only limited to restaurants but it has reached our kitchen years ago.

For the preparation of pizzas, wooden ovens were used traditionally because of the crusty layer and the creamy texture, which was only possible with the wooden ovens. This was quite famous until the present because we have adopted a new lifestyle now. Our kitchens are filled with advanced items for whatever we cook or make.

The wooden pizza ovens were usually used for their perfect temperature and other benefits. Now the technique has changed and we have switched to modular kitchens which barely have any wood used in the oven. Also, our lifestyle blocks us from having a wooden oven at home. Well, that doesn’t mean the end of perfect pizzas right? We are all very aware of the growing market these days and with one problem come multiple solutions.

Preparing a perfectly creamy and crispy pizza at home, inside a wood-fire pizza oven was not possible. This leads to the manufacturing of multiple pizza ovens with a perfect design that would simply fit in your beautiful kitchen.

The pizza ovens are like a wooden-fire oven – released a few years back. Among all the other products, two have made a great impact in the heart of pizza lovers. Many people consider these two ovens for making perfect pizzas in this modern time.

Ooni and Roccbox are the two distinct pizza ovens, which are considered the best in the market. If you are willing to make pizza at home, then you cannot buy both right? You have to choose one but which one will be the best for yummy and tasty pizzas?

Distinct specialties of Ooni and Roccbox

Have you ever tried making pizza at your home? Maybe yes? How many times did you fail to make the perfect pizza in your kitchen? Maybe numerous or less but we all have experienced the up and downs with making perfect pizza in our kitchen. Instead of wasting the space on a wooden-fire pizza oven, it is better to have the ready-made one which can fit in a small space and also gives fruitful results.

In the last few years, pizza ovens have gained a lot of popularity and it’s still on because of their qualities. As we are hung on two very famous pizza ovens Ooni and Roccbox; this can be the right space to discuss the features of these two different pizza makers and find out which one may suit your kitchen and bake your favorite pizza. We have mentioned below all the crucial pointers related to these distinct pizza ovens so enjoy varying between them.

Roccbox pizza oven


The Roccbox Pizza Oven Reviews

The Roccbox pizza burner originates from the United Kingdom. You will be amazed to know that this product is the result of a crowdfunding campaign. In the year 2010, Gozney Group created this amazing pizza oven for hotel chains and restaurants. Now that time has changed, it also offers services to domestic users. So, let us explore more the specialties of rock box:

  • Size

The size of the Roccbox oven is around 16.2 × 20.9 × 18.6 Inches. This is quite suitable for domestic users.

  • Weight

This oven weighs around 44 lbs. Now, you can keep it in the corner of your home or take it along with you for a campaign or any outdoor activities.

  • Pizza size

Roccbox pizza oven has the capability of making pizzas around 12 inches. This size is also suitable for a group of friends or family members.

  • Time taken

The oven takes 20 to 25 minutes to heat the chamber. It can bake the pizza dough within 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Fuel

Users are free to use gas as well as wood for preparing the pizzas. The Roccbox oven has both the wooden and gas burner for multiple purposes.

  • Easy to operate

This model has lots of controllable features which can be accessed with the help of an in-built switch.

  • Easy extinguishing

With a switch, the oven can easily extinguish. Since gas is primarily used for heating the chamber.

  • Temperature

The chamber can reach up to 500 degrees Celsius. This model has 86% of heat retention.

The Ooni Pro pizza oven Reviews

Let us checkout on the Ooni Pro pizza oven. In 2012, the Ooni was released in the market and this company was handled by the duo of Christian and Darina Garland. The main motto of the company was to form wood-fired pizza ovens for people living in cities who cannot afford the traditional ovens. This has come a long way and now we have the Pro edition. So, let us see which features we can enjoy with this portable oven:

  • Size

This oven has a very convenient size which is around 31.1 × 19.29 × 29.13 inches.

  • Weight

It has a suitable weight that will let you move the oven from one place to another without any hindrance. You can also carry only pro pizza ovens in your car and take them anywhere.

  • Pizza size

Make pizzas around 16 inches in this oven. Can you imagine how large the pizza will be? At a time you can prepare the delicious pizza for lots of people.

  • Time taken

Only a few minutes are required to cook pizza in the Ooni pro oven.

  • Fuel

You can use charcoal and wood for making pizzas in this oven. The additional feature will also allow you to cook the pizzas with the help of a gas and pellet burner.

  • Easy to operate

Very easily you can cook the pizza. Just open the doors and access the inbuilt switch to turn on and off the thermometer to cook pizza at the perfect temperature.

  • Easy extinguishing

The Ooni Pro pizza oven can automatically extinguish.

  • Temperature

The oven can easily heat up to 500 degrees Celsius within 15 to 20 minutes. This is enough for a crispy baked pizza.

Benefits of using Ooni Pro

This pizza oven has lots of good features. Apart from all these functions, there are also many advantages of using the Ooni Pro pizza ovens. Check the pointers below:

  • Takes very less time to cook and also bakes the pizza perfectly with great capacity.
  • This oven has many BTUs.
  • The affordable price makes it possible for everyone to own this pizza oven.
  • An add-on is required for wood burning; so, you can clean the part easily.
  • Ooni Pro pizza oven is portable and very suitable for carrying to different locations.
  • The inbuilt switch makes it easy to handle the oven and follow the safety measures.
  • The detachable model of Ooni Pro makes it easy to clean the oven occasionally. Hygiene is the main concern, so now it is simple to maintain cleanliness inside the chamber of the pizza oven.
  • A large chamber is required to make pizzas for several people.

Benefits of using Roccbox

Let’s check out the pros of using the Roccbox pizza oven. Since these are very famous in the market and you are quite familiar with its features you should also check its additional advantages.

  • You can transport Roccbox easily to any place. Take it for camping or an outdoor picnic; this pizza oven is suitable for any location.
  • The gas burner is quite suitable and can heat the chamber perfectly.
  • The low price makes it more desirable. Anyone looking for a pizza oven can check on Roccbox.
  • The model is very favorable for domestic users and lightweight which makes the storage easy.
  • Roccbox can cook the pizza in a very less time.
  • The model of Roccbox is very fashionable and can appropriately fit in the kitchen.

Both the pizza ovens have their specialties and you need to choose carefully which one will be adequate. Since Roccbox and Ooni Pro are equally suitable and each of them is famous in the market, it is hard to make the decision. Thus this writing represents its features and advantages so that you can make a proper decision about the pizza ovens.

Pizza ovens have always been the priority for pizza lovers and those who love to cook. It can make your work easy and at the end of the day you will get the desirable pizza, which you are longing for. The pizza ovens play a very vital role in it, so when you are about to invest after one, you should be confident about it. Check out the distinct features and the benefits you will have by using them. Since you are about to purchase one, it is always a good suggestion to analyze the pros and cons and then go for it.

Ooni Pro VS Roccbox Pizza Oven Final Words

Before you make a decision, chalk out the reasons for which you want to buy it. Find out if it’s for regular use or for occasional, you need to check out the features for the same. Keep in mind their capacity and how easily you can wash them off. These models aren’t difficult to set up, so to get rid of any unnecessary stress you can use these pizza ovens in your way.

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