Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3: Which Portable Pizza Oven you should Buy?

A slice of pizza can change our mood. We always crave delicious pizzas. Who doesn’t love the crusty base and cream-like cheese at the same time? This simple dish can boost your mood within seconds.

Let it be a fancy restaurant or your homely kitchen, pizza is everywhere. We can do anything but never skip the flavourful pizzas.

Many of us have tried to make pizza at home, at least once in life. Some of us attained and some of us did not. With this more or less experience, we can say how important a pizza oven is to make a perfect pizza at home. Along with the perfect dough, cheese and toppings, we also need a cabin with the perfect temperature for the pizza.

The craze for crusty pizzas has furthermore heightened the popularity of pizza ovens in the market. There are many reasons to keep a pizza oven at home. Whenever we talk about this familiar appliance in the kitchen, one name pops up all the time – it is always the name “Ooni”.

Ooni pizza oven

Ooni is one of the popular pizza oven brands which is famous all around the world. This Europe-origin pizza oven company was formerly known as Uuni, but later the name has been altered to Ooni. The authentic pizza oven can be trusted blindly but the main question emerges when you have to choose among the different models of Ooni.

Recently, two distinct models of the Ooni pizza ovens have amazed us with their cool features. These two ovens are compatible and perfectly bake pizza. Ooni Fyra and Ooni 3 have become sensations among pizza lovers.

Ooni is famous for offering lightweight ovens and an adequate cabin for baking large pizzas. Ooni offers a compact model of pizza oven that is portable and can be used for outdoor camping as well as inside the kitchen. All the inbuilt features and easy access makes it even more special and user-friendly.

Ooni pizza ovens can offer dual airflow controls as well as a heat detector with a combined chimney. The ovens of this brand can heat up with charcoal or gas. No doubt Ooni is preferred by everyone.

Ooni is a preferable choice but when you have to choose between Ooni Fyra and Ooni 3, the choice becomes difficult. So, read further so that you can come to a perfect conclusion for a perfectly home-cooked pizza.

Put your requirements on the table

Before you buy any product it’s very important to know about what you need. Once you figure out the requirement it’s easy to choose among thousands of items from the market. The below-mentioned pointers explain the major expectations from a pizza oven.

  • We always want a pizza oven that is easy to set up and can cook the perfect food. Proper temperature is required for pizzas.
  • A large size pizza oven is very crucial for home-cooked pizzas, especially the ones, which have extra space. You can make a large pizza for as many as members in your house and in addition to that, you can also roast vegetables or meat.
  • A compact pizza oven is what we look for so that we can travel with it takes it to any place we want and easily clean the parts.

About Ooni Fyra pizza oven

The Ooni Fyra pizza oven has ruled over the market for a long time and its popularity is still the same. This oven is used by many around the nation to make the perfect pizza. Let’s check out the amazing features of Ooni Fyra.

  • Hardwood pellet

This pizza oven is loved by everyone for its hardwood pellet fuel. Because of this pellet, it is easy to heat the cabin in a short time and also very low requires maintenance.

  • The right temperature within minutes

The Ooni Fyra pizza oven can reach up to 500° Celsius or 950° Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes. Unlike any other pizza oven, it takes a little or less time to heat the cabin. Just because of its fast process, less fuel is consumed every time you make pizza in this oven.

  • Pizza in a minute

If you want to fulfill your instant cravings, then nothing can be better than Ooni Fyra because this pizza oven can bake the pizza dough in just 60 seconds. Can you imagine preparing your favorite pizza at home within a minute?

  • Lightweight

Since pizza ovens are a crucial companion. We need it everywhere, let it be a house party or camping outside – we need an Ooni Fyra pizza oven. Fyra can be carried anywhere because of its lightweight. The pizza oven weighs only 10 kg or 22 Lbs.

  •  Viewing hole

A viewing hole in a pizza oven is very crucial to making pizzas properly. You can check on the status of the pizza and how much the cheese and toppings have been baked.

  • Large cooking space

The Ooni Fyra pizza oven has 12 × 12 cooking spaces for a perfect pizza. Such a large cabin is required to make pizza along with other items like meats and wages. You can make pizzas for many people at a time.

  • Pocket friendly

This amazing pizza oven costs around $249, which is very pocket friendly and offers many in-build features.

About Ooni 3 pizza oven

The search for a perfect pizza oven wouldn’t have stopped until we found Ooni 3. This pizza oven is used for the gardener or outdoor kitchen. From its design to its inbuilt feature, everything is hassle-free and will let you enjoy baked pizza at your home. Let’s check out what makes it special among others.

  • Wood fired

This amazing wood-fired pizza oven has won many awards for its productive functioning and in-built tools which can cook pizza. The wood-fired pizza oven follows the traditional process along with a touch of modern features.

  • Perfect temperature for baking

Ooni 3 pizza ovens can reach up to 932° Fahrenheit. This temperature is suitable for baking the dough of a pizza. The oven takes only 10 minutes to heat the cabin – this is very energy efficient and sustains the fuel.

  • Pizza in a minute

Once there’s a craving for pizza, there is no way to move back – Ooni 3 pizza oven helps us to follow our tummy. No matter if you are hungry and want pizza within minutes because Ooni 3 can bake the pizza within 60 seconds.

  • Lightweight

Ooni 3 pizza oven is very compatible. The weight is 10.9 Kg, which is quite good for all of us. This lightweight will work in our favor no matter wherever we want to carry it, the oven can fit easily.

  • Enough cooking space

The Ooni 3 has enough space for a large pizza; the cabin’s size is 13.2 × 13.2 inches, which is adequate for cooking various items along with pizzas. No matter if it’s large dough or a big piece of chicken you can bake everything in this oven.

  • Affordable

Ooni 3 cost around $199 which is quite a good deal for any pizza lovers like us. With this much investment, you are getting all these updated features and a brand new pizza oven.

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The differences between Ooni 3 and Ooni Fyra pizza ovens

ooni fyra vs ooni 3

It is very reasonable to cook an exact pizza at home only if you have a perfect oven. Ooni is a famous name and is preferred by many for making pizzas. Well, we still get confused among its various models. To make the comparison easy, let us chalk down the differences between Ooni 3 versus Ooni Fyra. The list is mentioned below:

  • Ooni Fyra pizza oven is portable and lighter. It is very easy to detach the chimney and the hopper from the pizza oven which makes it easy to fit the pizza oven inside a car or a box for transporting. Whereas, Ooni 3 is also light but big.
  • Ooni Fyra has a larger hopper, which allows it to cook longer. Whereas Ooni 3 has a smaller hopper, thus you cannot cook for a long time in this oven.
  • Fyra offers better airflow because of its extra-large chimney, whereas Ooni 3 takes slightly more time for the airflow.
  • The Ooni Fyra pizza oven has a viewing hole, because of it you do not have to remove the door or lid every time you check the pizza. Ooni 3 does not have any viewing hole so you need to open the door every time.
  • The space for cooking pizza is comparatively less in Ooni Fyra than in Ooni 3.
  • Ooni Fyra can cook the pizza with wood pellets and also let you prepare the dish with the help of gas or charcoal. Whereas Ooni 3 offers the same but it’s more compatible with wood or charcoal
  • Ooni 3 has been coated with stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation whereas the Ooni Fyra pizza oven is very durable because of its powder-coated carbon steel shale.
  • The cost of Ooni 3 is less than the Ooni Fyra pizza oven.

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When you have the two best options, it is very hard to choose but hope this writing was able to portray the differences between the two pizza ovens. Ooni 3 and Ooni Fyra are both perfect for making pizza at home but their differences make them unique. You need to choose wisely which will fit the kitchen and your requirements.

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