Bertello Vs Ooni Pizza Ovens: Which Pizza Oven Is Best

A lot of pizza lovers are often confused when they plan to buy their pizza oven. Won’t and Bertello pizza ovens are the two most widely preferred pizza ovens. You can choose any one of them which suits your requirements. It is better to make an informed decision as buying the wrong pizza oven will be nothing but a waste of money. To know more about how you can choose between Ooni and Bertello pizza ovens, read this post till the end as it will take you through the important differences between both.

What is a pizza oven?

An original pizza oven can produce pizza that has better quality than the ones which are baked in an ordinary pizza oven. Whenever pizza is made on open flames and at a higher temperature, it generates a thin crust. An indoor stove can reach a low temperature but, a pizza oven reaches a higher temperature. When talking about Ooni and Bertello pizza ovens, there are some factors to choosing between both. These factors are performance, price, and ease of usage, product support, performance, and design. You just consider all of these factors when you’re choosing between both of these ovens.

Bertello or Ooni Pizza Ovens

Bertello and Ooni are both very reputable pizza oven brands. They are preferred by a lot of people who enjoy the delicious taste of pizza. If you’re planning to buy a pizza oven, you must know that choosing the right one is very important yet challenging for you. There are so many options available in the market and to make an informed choice, you must know the major differences between these ovens. So, here is a list of the main points of difference between both of these ovens:

  1. Build standard

Both Bertello and Ooni Pizza ovens have a very good build standard. Except for a few Ooni Models, all others are made up of powder-coated carbon steel. Though, some of the Ooni models are made by combining both materials including stainless steel and powder-coated steel.

Whereas, the first model of Bertello was known to be made of carbon steel and some of them are made of steel that is hammered finish. Both of these companies use different insulation materials. One of these materials is used to give strength while the other is used solely for insulation. Both are quite the same in this regard but Ooni can be regarded as the winner.

  1. Accessories

With the Bertello pizza ovens, you can get several accessories to choose from. You can select the combination as per your requirement. Ooni doesn’t offer a lot of options in this regard and you are limited.

However, talking about the number of accessories they offer, then Ooni ranks higher as it offers various accessories which you can. You might find their price to be a bit high. With several models of Ooni, you just have unlimited accessories such as heat protectant gloves. With other ovens, you need to buy all of them on your own. Considering discounts and price, Bertello is going to be the winner.

  1. Heat distribution

With Ooni ovens, the distribution of heat isn’t really bad. With Bertello ovens, however, you need to notice the difference easily. As time passes by, the unequal distribution of heat will only keep increasing and getting worse.

Ooni ovens offer good heat distribution than the Bertello ovens. There is hardly any competition in this category. However, there are several models with a smaller capacity too. But, for these ovens, you will need to refuel them very quickly as they must maintain consistent heat.

  1. Usability

If you’re wondering why there is such a great difference in the prices of both these ovens. To answer this, the factors which determine price are lifespan and quality.

Though the quality of ovens can be compared, the major difference can be seen after just a year of usage. The highest temperatures of Bertello ovens start decreasing but Ooni maintains high performance. A decrease in performance can be reduced when maintained regularly. However, just the exact maintenance is needed for Ooni ovens to last longer than the Bertello ovens.

This is the main reason why the price of Bertello ovens is lower than the Ooni ovens. On calculating the long-term expenditure of these ovens, you will find Ooni to be cheaper.

  1. Pricing

You will find a huge difference between the prices of the various models of Bertello and Ooni ovens. Even if you consider the accessories which are the same such as covers, the products offered by Ooni are costlier. But if you compare any other brand with Ooni, you might find Bertello to be high-priced.

  1. Efficiency

This completely depends on the source of fuel and not the oven. If you use gas, the pizza will get cooked faster than if you do the same on wood. Ooni also has wood-powered, gas-powered, and multi-fuel ovens so you can choose anyone as per your preferences. Bertello ovens are all-in-one themselves. You can use wood, gas, or gas and wood.

  1. Pizza sizes

Using the Bertello oven, you can cook only 12” pizzas at once whereas, in some models, you can cook 16” pizzas together. You can also take out a larger slice of pizza and cut it into several pieces to cook in the Bertello oven but that won’t be a great experience for you.

On the other hand, one has some ovens which can cook 12” pizzas and there are some which can cook nearly 16” pizzas. The number towards the end of all pizza oven models of Ooni shows the size of pizza that you can cook in the oven.

  1. Learning duration

The Bertello ovens are easy to use in comparison to Ooni, it does require a lot of time for you to get used to. Particularly for a beginner, who has just started making pizza, it is recommended for you choose Ooni. Bertello ovens are quite challenging to use, so beginners may find it troubling.

Bertello is quite difficult to learn but the wood-powered ovens of Ooni are not easy too. The gas burner in the gas-powered ovens makes this a lot easier, but with wood-powered ovens, you may find it tricky to manage.

  1. Performance as per price

Because the Bertello ovens don’t last for long, they are quite cheap. Ooni’s pizza ovens are known for better performance concerning the price you pay for them. Supposedly, the Bertello ovens last almost a year but the Ooni ovens have a durability of 2 years. The cost of Bertello is not even half as much as the cost of Ooni. Thus, Ooni ovens offer better performance in the long run. In simple words, you can do better with the Bertello ovens just because of their low cost.

  1. Customer service 

Though Bertello offers good customer service, Ooni offers better. It is quite hard to choose any particular one in this category. Both of these companies offer great customer support. Regardless of what issue you’re facing, it will get resolved in hardly a single day or two.

  1. Fuel sources

As mentioned already, you can use all fuel sources with the Bertello oven. This is the best feature that has been included in the Bertello models which makes them hybrid pizza ovens. You can utilise gas to heat the oven initially and then reduce the gas flame along with adding wooden pellets to add a wood flavour to the pizza. In Ooni, you can avail yourself of the option of choosing between wood-powered, multi-fuel, or gas-powered.

There are many Ooni models which are wood-powered, multi-fuel, and gas-powered ovens. Bertello ovens work the best. If there is any particular fuel source in your mind, Ooni is going to be a good option. To use several fuel sources, Bertello would be better.

  1. Portability

Usually, the Ooni ovens which can make 12’ pizza are lighter in weight than the Bertello ovens. However, the Ooni ovens are capable of cooking 16’ pizzas and are lighter in weight in comparison to the Bertello pizza ovens. But there is one concern. The Ooni ovens which have a lower weight than Bertello are mostly gas-powered.

Ooni and Bertello ovens can’t be directly connected to natural gas sources, except for the two Ooni models. Even for these two models, you need to purchase a gas burner or conversion kit separately.


If you’re confused between the two, these differences will help you find the suitable one. Both of these ovens have their pros and cons. You must choose the one that can meet your requirements and is worth the money you pay for it. You can get these ovens both online and offline at stores dealing with cookery, kitchen appliances, etc.

It is recommended for you go through all these differences thoroughly so that you can choose the right pizza oven between Ooni and Bertello ovens. There are many more differences but these are the major ones.

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